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Education has always been an integral part of my mission in life. Since finishing my undergraduate work with many late nights at the drawing table, in front of the computer, and under the camera, I have been driven to keep myself occupied with activities that not only sharpen my mind, but challenge my abilities. Most of my continuing education has come from books, courses, research, experimentation, and learning by doing. Most of my extracurricular experimentation relates in some way to animation. Animation is a very important form of expression for me.

I have spent many years exercising my technical self, and now I begin exploring my artistic self. I wish to create important, personal animation, however I am realistic about where my talents lie. I understand that one person can't master every aspect of a project. While working in collaborative environments, I have found that the synergistic results have always been greater then the individual talents of the team members.

There is no place where that truth is more evident then in the way my family works together. The way in which the sum of us continually is greater and more powerful then each individual, is truely a miracle. I thank God every day for that insight. My mission is to find that place where balancing my talents as husband, father, artist and technologist, will open my imagination to as yet uncharted and wondrous new worlds.

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