Ralph De Stefano
3610 North Keeler | Chicago, Illinois, 60641
ralph@evl.uic.edu | rdestefano@cognitivearts.com

Awards and

Computer Skills
Film and Video Skills
Continuing Education
Professional Affiliation
Professional Experience
University of Illinois at Chicago
School of Art and Design
Chicago, Illinois
Instructor | 1998 - Present
  • Developed the School's first ever curriculum in 3-Dimensional modeling and animation.
  • Teach two sections in 3-Dimensional modeling and animation to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Demonstrate hands-on techniques for modeling and animation in Alias Power Animator and Maya.
  • Actively critique student work, and evaluate their performance.
  • Educate students with real-world slants on each discussion topic.
  • Foster an atmosphere of creativity, and aestheticism in a medium that can be rather technical.
Curriculum Designer | 1999
  • Designed a comprehensive 40 week curriculum in 3-Dimensional modeling and animation for Gallery 37 and the Chicago Public Schools' Advanced Arts Education program.
  • Consulted with Gallery 37 Center for the Arts personnel on resource acquisition, including identifying software and hardware needs.
  • Actively participated in portfolio reviews with perspective students.
Teaching Assistant | 1998
  • Assisted Professor Sandin's AD408, Computer Art and Design course during spring semester 1998.
  • Responsible for system administration of the Newspace lab, containing 10 Irix workstations.
  • Managed user accounts, YP and NFS servers.
  • Upgraded the lab's network from Thin ethernet to 10Base-T ethernet.
  • Managed the purchasing and licensing of all software and hardware at Newspace.
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
Research Assistant | 1998
  • Assisted the System Administrator during summer semester 1998.
  • Responsible for increasing the number of network interfaces in the 2nd and 3rd floor labs at the Electronic Visualization Lab.
  • Assisted in upgrading software.
Gallery 37 Center for the Arts
Chicago Public Schools
Advanced Arts Education Program
Chicago, Illinois
Teaching Artist | 1999 - Present
  • Teach a comprehensive course in 3-Dimensional modeling and animation.
  • Actively develop students abilities to critique their own work, as well as that of other students.
  • Organize site visits with Chicago area educational institutions, production companies, and galleries.
  • Provide students vocational guidance.
  • Act as mentor and role model to Chicago area students at The Center.
Cognitive Arts
Chicago, Illinois
Post Production Manager | 1997 - Present
  • Position the corporations media on the cutting edge of digital video and streaming media technology.
  • Determine market trends and research viable media delivery solutions for current and future clients.
  • Key internal and external consultant focused on determining the most effective integration of media into our clients applications.
  • Manage a creative team of Producers and Editors.
  • Hire and educate new employees in the Post Production Department.
  • Engineer, maintain and upgrade all video production and post production equipment, including computers, VTRs, and cameras.
Animator | 1995 - Present
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute all animation production at Cognitive Arts.
  • Collaboratively create innovative designs based on cognitive psychology and proven learning theories.
  • Distill all content and art elements into cohesive learning aids for students.
  • Produced highly effective trade show marketing animations and corporate id.
Producer | Editor | 1995 - 1997
  • Created, equipped and staffed the media start-up's Video Department.
  • Positioned the corporations offerings on the cutting edge of digital video and streaming media technology.
  • Produced every aspect of video production for specific client's CD based, intranet and internet training applications, including shooting, editing and special effects.
  • Educated new employees in the Post Production Department.
Northwestern University, Institute for the Learning Sciences
Evanston, Illinois
Digital Video Specialist | 1993 - 1995
  • Responsible for post production of all digital media for the Institutes' research projects.
  • Researched quality conscious, cost effective, capture and compression solutions for multi-platform, software based digital video delivery.
  • Taught video production to Ph.D. and M.S. students . Topics included aesthetics, production, and the technical considerations of digital video production.
Brothers of the Christian Schools, Midwest District
Romeoville, Illinois
Producer | Editor | Director | 1992 - 1997
  • Produced, edited, shot and directed three recruitment videos for the Lasallian Youth, a world-wide service organization comprised of high-school and college students.
  • Responsible for securing a $25,000 Koch Foundation Grant for Lasallian Youth.
  • Organized every aspect of production in two countries, ten states, and fifteen cities over a five year period.
  • Currently sifting through 260 hours of footage for a 1 hour documentary on the organizations' impact on the youth of America.
The Fund for Innovative Television
Chicago, Illinois
Production Assistant | 1993
  • Responsible for detailed review of all footage shot for WPWR's "Chicago Slices".
  • Coordinated location shooting.
  • Contributed creative input during edit sessions.
  • Performed shot selection and edited some rough packages for air.
Encyclopedia Britannica
Chicago, Illinois
Animation Production Assistant | 1991
  • Responsible for inking and painting cels and creating mattes for the PBS documentary "Dinosaurs".
  • Camera operator on multi-pass "Death of the Dinosaurs" scene.


Master of Fine Arts Candidate | Electronic Visualization
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Bachelor of Fine Arts | Photography - Film - Electronic Media | 1993

School of Art and Design
University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois


Continuing Education

Alias|Wavefront Maya Certification | 1999
Los Angeles, California

Film Production I | 1995

Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago, Illinois

Introduction to C Programming | 1994

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois


Broadcast Works

1995 | Image Union - "Ghost of a Dog" (twice)
1993 | Image Union - "To Carry On"
1993 | MTV - "To Carry On"
1992 | TNN, and JBTV - "To Carry On"


Exhibited Works

1999 | Art Synthesis '99 - "Contrast"
1999 | New York Animation Festival - "Contrast"
1998 | SIGGRAPH Television - "Sesame Street Revisited"
1998 | Electronic Fields Installation - Illinois Art Gallery
1997 | ISEA, Virtual Spaces - "Just Words"
1993 | The Guild Complex Poetry Video Festival - "Destination"
1993 | University of Illinois Film - Video Festival - "Ghost of a Dog"
1992 | University of Illinois Film - Video Festival - "Destination"


Awards and Scholarships

1994 | Dean's List
1993 | Dean's List
1993 | Talent Tuition Waiver
1993 | School Faculty Prize for Film - Animation - Video
1990 | Mildred R. Knoles Opportunity Scholarship


Professional Affiliation

AIVF - Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers
ASIFA - l'Association Internationale du Film d'Animation
SIGGRAPH - ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics


Film and Video Mastery

  • Production
    • Sony DXC-537 BetacamSP, Hi8 and DV cameras, Canon photographic, Hi8 and DV cameras.
    • CP16R, Bolex H-16, Forox, Mitchell, and Oxberry animation cameras.
    • Arri, Mole Richardson, and Lowell lighting fixtures.

  • Post Production
    • Sony BetacamSP PVW/UVW series VTRs, Radius Telecast, and Truevision Targa RTX.
    • Avid XPress, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Commotion, Media 100, Ultimatte, and Director.
    • Microsoft Netstream, RealMedia, QuickTime, and Video For Windows.


Computer Mastery

  • Software
    • Alias|Wavefront Maya Certified
    • Alias|Wavefront Power Animator
    • Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere
    • Avid Xpress
    • Debabelizer
    • Filemaker Pro
    • Macromedia Director, Flash, and Shockwave
    • Microsoft Office
    • MediaCleaner Pro
    • RealProducer
    • RenderMan
    • Ultimatte
    • WaveConvert Pro

  • Programming Languages / APIs
    • C
    • HTML
    • Lingo
    • OpenGL
    • Perl
    • RenderMan Interface

  • Networking
    • MacOS, Windows NT and Irix system support and network administration.
    • RealMedia Server, FTP, and HTTP server configuration and administration.
    • YP and NFS server configuration and administration.