660 West Wrightwood Avenue #205
Chicago, IL 60614 773-528-2521



University of Illinois at Chicago                                                                                     Chicago, IL

Master of Science, Computer Science (Candidate)                                                                                    2003

·       Varsity Swimming Letterman


Furman University                                                                                                         Greenville, SC

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science                                                                                                 1998

·       Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computer Science Honor Society Member

·       Crew Club President

·       Swimming Club Vice President



VRCO, Inc.                                                                                                              Virginia Beach, VA

Software Developer                                                                                                                 2001-present

·       Lead design and implementation of a cross-platform medical VR prototype

·       Initiated porting efforts of a major software library to support the Macintosh platform


Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago                        Chicago, IL

Research Assistant                                                                                                                  1998-present

·       Designed and implemented a collaborative haptic application for the creation and evaluation of cranial implants

·       Created a networked environment which properly accounted for late-joiners to a kinematics simulation

·       Produced an application to facilitate the development of multi-user collaborative interactive virtual environments for the visualization of large data sets

·       Ported medical visualization of the inner ear from OpenGL to the Performer CAVELib


Furman University                                                                                                         Greenville, SC

Teaching Assistant                                                                                                                            1997

·       Developed materials for undergraduate Computer Graphics laboratory assignments

NASA JOVE Research Fellow                                                                                                            1997

·       Investigated a TIFF rasterization program in Motif, learning the concepts of GUI programming

Laboratory Assistant                                                                                                                  1995-1998

·       Advised students participating in introductory coursework assignments

·       Installed and managed software on laboratory Macintosh, PC, and UNIX workstations



·       Park, K., Cho, Y., Krishnaprasad, N., Scharver, C., Lewis, M., Leigh, J., Johnson, A.,CAVERNsoft G2: A Toolkit for High Performance Tele-Immersive Collaboration, to appear in the Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology 2000, Oct 22-25, 2000, Seoul, Korea, pp. 8-15

·       Sawant, N., Scharver, C., Leigh, J., Johnson, A., Reinhart, G., Creel, E., Batchu, S., Bailey, S., Grossman, R., The Tele-Immersive Data Explorer: A Distributed Architecture for Collaborative Interactive Visualization of Large Data-sets, 4th International Immersive Projection Technology Workshop, Ames, Iowa, June 19-20, 2000.

·       Park, K., Kapoor, A., Scharver, C., Leigh, J., Exploiting Multiple Perspectives in Tele-Immersion, Proceedings of IPT 2000: Immersive Projection Technology Workshop, Ames, Iowa, June 19-20, 2000.



·       Languages: C++, Objective-C, C, SmallTalk, JavaScript, Java, MIPS Assembly, Pascal

·       Proficient with Open Inventor, the Visualization Toolkit, Performer, CAVELib, CAVERNsoft, TGS MasterSuite-3D, and OpenGL

·       Skilled with object-oriented paradigms: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Design Patterns, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Object Modeling Technique (OMT)

·       Experienced with IRIX, MacOS X, Linux, Windows 2000, Classic MacOS, Solaris, HP-UX

·       Contributed source code to Coin3d and Visualization Toolkit open source projects