Sangyoon Lee

  1727 S. Indiana Ave. Apt#320, Chicago, IL 60616, USA






University of Illinois at chicago , Illinois , US

Ph.D. in Computer Science                                                                                        08/2006 – Present

Master of Fine Art in Electronic Visualization                                                        08/2003 – 07/2006

Thesis: Pan - interactive visual installation

Yonsei University , Seoul , Korea

Master of Science in Architectural Engineering                                                      09/1997 – 08/1999

Thesis: Development of a 3D Model House for Apartment Sales on the Internet

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering                                                  03/1993 – 02/1997


University of Illinois at chicago , Illinois , US                                        

Adjunct Professor                                                                                                      08/2010 – 05/2011

·        Teaching AD 457 / 458 Interactive 3D class at School of Art and Design

Research Assistant                                                                                                      08/2006 – Present

·        Developing lifelike computer interface, Avatar, sponsored by NSF

Teaching Assistant                                                                                                     08/2003 – 05/2006

·         Assisting with the Electronic Visualization & Design Visualization Lab in School of Art and Design

·         Administering & implementing Windows, Linux, and SGI Virtual Reality workstations including system hardware and software.

·         Implementing & programming immersive installation systems.

Electronics & Communications Research Institute, Daejeon , Korea                                03/2001 – 12/2002

Researcher, Virtual Reality Research

·         Developed graphical user interfaces and created special effects

·         Designed prototype for 3D online computer game engine software

Korea Game Promotion Center , Seoul , Korea                                                                08/1999 – 11/2000

Researcher, R&D Team

·         Developed 3D computer gaming engine software for National Research Laboratory project, funded by Korea ’s Ministry of Science and Technology

·         Researched and wrote several proposals analyzing computer gaming industry trends for presentation to the Korean government

Yonsei University , Seoul , Korea                                                                                     09/1997 – 08/1999

Graduate Teaching Assistant (1998-1999)

·         Served as teaching assistant for Design and History of Modern Architecture course

·         Graded student papers. Illustrated and explained modern architecture styles

Graduate Teaching Assistant (1997-1998)

·         Served as teaching assistant for Practice and Application of Architectural CAD course

·         Introduced 3D computer graphics software. Lectured on modeling, animation, and presentation


University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA                                                        03/2007 –present

·         Toward Lifelike Computer Interfaces that Learn: a (Electronic Visualization Laboratory, supported by NSF - CNS-0703916, CNS-0420477.)

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA                                                        08/2006 – 02/2007

·         CoreWall - Corelyzer: a collaborative development for a real-time stratigraphic correlation, core description and visualization system to be sued by the marine, terrestrial and Antarctic science communities. (Electronic Visualization Laboratory, supported by NSF - OCE-0602121, ATM-0307262, ATM-0071477, EAR-0319203 and EAR- 0120914.)

Electronics & Communications Research Institute, Daejeon , Korea                                03/2001 – 12/2002

·         A Development of 3D Online Computer Game Engine Software: Developed fundamental 3D online game engine software to promote Korean computer gaming industry, including motion transition graph, multi-height map system based on 2D special effects and tools, and game data such as game world and character.

Ministry of science & technology, Seoul , Korea                                                              10/2000

·         A Development of Processing Engine for Data of Motion & Polygon for 3D Computer Games: Created 3D game engine software using high quality animation data via a motion capture hardware system. Researched core technology trends and designed the engine structure.

Ministry of culture & tourism, Seoul , Korea                                                                    July 2000 and December 1999

·         A Propriety Research of the Advance of Korean-Made Console Game Unit into Foreign Markets, July 2000: Surveyed gaming market trends and console game technologies to propose a strategic plan to promote the Korean game industry.

·         A Plan for the Development of Updated Technology and the Bringing Up of Various Media Contents Industry Sector, December 1999: Prepared plan to manage the new market for digital multimedia, such as movies, computer animations/games, virtual reality environment software, and digital music.


Pan                                                                                                                               01/2006 – 05/2006

·         Pan is an insteractive visual installation. This work was an MFA thesis project (Master of Fine Art in Electronic Visualization, 2006). Pan simulates the motion from status of three table interfaces. The tile of this work, Pan, is a Korean word that has several different meanings such as a plate, a disk, a place, a stage, etc.

Rolling Ball                                                                                                                   09/2005 – 12/2005

·         Rolling Ball is an experimental project to develop a wireless user interface to control balance of virtual environment via small microcontroller circuit. With accelerometer sensor and RF modules, a user can interact with virtual objects to control a traditional rolling ball toy.

Light Me Up                                                                                                                  09/2005 – 12/2005

·         Light Me Up is an interface to translate user hand motion into visual presence. A tiny physical interface represents one of instances of the composition of virtual building blocks. By moving your hand over the sculpture, one can create various height and color schemes for these blocks.

STREAM IT!                                                                                                                 01/2005 – 05/2005

·         STREAM IT! is a real time media work base on virtual reality system. With two small cardboard box installations, people can send video stream data into VR environment. Primary interaction is to put various physical objects into boxes and then system will translate the video stream from webcam that is installed inside box into 3 dimensional texturing and geometry data.

 BOUNCING SPACE                                                                                                  08/2004 – 12/2004

·         BOUNCING SPACE aims to create the relationship between the concept of sound and motion. From our expectation, moving objects usually produce sound in real, a user creates motion of the primitive objects and each object generates sound. The second concept came from the reverse of this general idea. It is “from sound to motion.” Every moving object base on simulation of physics.   


3.D.UO. PAD – an interactive 3D sketchpad                                                             01/2004 – 12/2004

·         3.D.UO. PAD is an interactive 3D sketchpad. In immersive 3D display systems such as CAVE or CWALL, the user can draw and carve sketchpad. One can select and assign 2D image as texture for sketchpad and morph the pad dynamically by color values of texture image pixels. Once the work is finished, the result can be saved and loaded later in real time.

Dinner at the fairy castle : a virtual set                                                                       01/2004 – 05/2004

·         Developed by Helen-Nicole Kostis, Sangyoon Lee, Tina Shah, Ruby.

·         Dinner at the Fairy Castle : A Virtual Set is an attempt to recreate the dining room of the Fairy Castle exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago . Since the actual exhibit is miniature in size, the artists thought it would be interesting for audience participants to actually see themselves keyed inside one of the famous elegant rooms of the castle.

The Creation - From eight signs of divination to the World                                        08/2003 – 12/2003

·         The Creation simulates the very first stage of the Creation of the world by interacting with eight signs of divination plates which symbolize the universe. The signs become the four faces of world and holy guardian animals such as Tiger, Dragon, Phoenix , and Turtle. Once the world is created, the user can interact with these holy animals by throwing stones towards each world face.


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The Image of Reseach, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago                                                                       May 2010

·         Avatar - A Virtual Human, Won the 1st place award (link)

Gosia Koscielak Studio & Gallery, Chicago                                                                         January 2007

·         PAN, interative installation (5th - 27th, January, 2007)

“Digital Art Awards 2006”, Tokyo, Japan                                                                       November 2006

·         PAN, Honorable Mention in interactive category hosted by Keio Research Institute at SFC

“Drawing Current - MFA Theisis Exhibition”, Great Space, UIC, Chicago                                May 2006

·         PAN, MFA thesis project


·         3.D.UO.PAD and Bouncing Space, Annual exhibition of Electonic visualization program

“2005 indiana ideas festival”, Bloomington , Indiana                                                                    April 2005

·         3.D.UO.PAD, Best work award in Virtual Reality Environment session hosted by Indiana University

“ELECTRONIC VISUALIZATION show”, CVRA, UIC, Chicago                                         May 2004

·         The Creation – From eight signs of divination to the world, A part of portal application of VR Grid, EV show


Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux, SGI IRIX

Programming Languages: C/C++, Visual C++, Java, VRML, OpenGL, SGI Performer, Parallax PBasic

Graphics SW/HW: Vicon Motion Capture System (FX40) and iQ / Blade SW, Autodesk Maya & MotionBuilder, ZBrush

Microcontrollers and Circuits: Parallax Basic Stamp microcontroller, various sensors, and circuit design for physical computing

Certifications: Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform