- Interactive Visual Installation -

MFA Thesis, May, 2006

Sangyoon Lee (s.james.lee @ me.com)
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago

What is “Pan”?

The title of this work, Pan, is an Korean word that has several different meanings such as a plate, a disk, a place, a stage, etc. This word instinctively stands for a plate that is matching to the interface of the work, at first hand. But the plenty of its meaning is lying on the spatial definition. Korean folks set Pan for a delight performance where people gather. The public are invited to join and enjoy all together. In this work, Pan is implying all these meanings and accommodating activities by giving a tangible interactive medium. Live activities in tradition are interpreted as softened dynamics in visual. More details in written thesis (pdf).



Drawing Current - MFA Thesis Exhibition, Great Space / Cuppa Hall, University of Illinois at Chicago, May 2006
The New Eco series at gosia koscielak studio & gallery, Chicago, Jan 2007

“PAN – A Life Force”, The first show from the NEW ECO exhibition series examining new ecology and media phenomena in an international art curated solo exhibition



Honorable Mention in Interactive category, Keio University’s Keio Research Institute Digital Art Awards 2006


Screenshots from each PAN interface




Photos from thesis show