• Great Cities Institute

    The Great Cities Institute, established March 1, 1995, provides opportunities for interdisciplinary, applied, research work to UIC scholars as well as students and project members outside the University.

  • Survey Research Laboratory

    The Survey Research Lab (SRL), established in 1964, provides service and facilities for conducting complete survey projects from initial study design and data analysis to undertaking partial survey work such as sample deisgn, data collection and data reduction. SRL services are available to all faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois.

  • UIC Center for Urban Economic Development

    The Center for Urban Economic Development (CUED) provides technical support servcices to public, private, and community bodies in activities relating to community economic development and the retention and expansion of existing industry and commerce.

  • Natalie P. Voorhees Program for Neighborhood and Community Improvement

    As part of UIC's CUED, the two main goals of the Vorhees Center are 1) to provide technical assistance and research needs requested by community organizations and coalitions in the Chicago are and 2) to provide Urban Planning graduate students practical experience in community development while they are studying for their Master's degeee.

  • Urban Transportation Center

    The Urban Transportation Center (UTC) provides reserach opportunities for UIC students and faculty in the transportation field.

  • City Design Center

    The City Design Center is a multi-disciplinary organization of faculty in Art, Architecture, Art History, and Urban Planning. The Center's function is to bring faculty and students from these disciplines together with community residents and public and nonprofit agencies to solve problems of common interest.

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is one of the premier research universities in the nation. UIC is a comprehensive institution of higher education, located just to the south and west of Chicago's Loop, and is the principal public university serving the Chicago metropolitan area. The University has varied programs of teaching, research, and public service designed in response to the needs of its urban environment.

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