Sāmoan Language Resources

Soʻo le fau i le fau
Literal Translation: Join the hibiscus fibre to hibiscus fibre
Proverbial Meaning: Unity is strength.

Version: January 22, 2014

The following is a compilation of information for helping those interested in learning Sāmoan. There are other resources available. This list constitutes information that I have found to be most useful. If you know of better ones, feel free to let me know.

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Other Books

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Useful Video Lessons

Audio Files

There are very few audio resources available. Neither Pimsleur nor Rosetta provide language training for Samoan. These are pretty much the only two well compiled sets:
There is also a Samoan Language 101 course on saolelei.com. The audio samples seem pretty good but I have no idea what you get for the $99 per year fee.

Other Reference Materials

Learn About Samoan Culture

Radio Stations

A good way to gain more exposure is by listening to native speakers. They will speak way too fast, but gradually you'll start to pick up the words as you learn more of the language. It will also help you get a handle on how to pronounce words.

Awesome Samoan Songs

Songs will also help you wrap your tongue around pronuncation of words and keep you motivated. Also the songs are usually sung slower than how words are spoken on the radio giving you an opportunity to slowly translate. Lyrics are also typically available online to give you another opportunity to practice translating. Unfortunately few songs are translated into English.


Another way to learn more vocabulary is to eat Samoan food.
Here are a few restaurants in California and O`ahu:


Some Tips As You Learn