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There will be 3 kinds of tournaments.

  • Maneuverability Skills
  • Speed Control Skills
  • Free For All

Maneuverability Skills Tournaments will concentrate on how fast the user can complete the track while dodging objects that close in at a high speed.

Speed Control Skills will concentrate on how well the user can manipulate difficult tracks with sharp turns that require the user to control his or her speed in order to keep from colliding with the walls.

Free For All Tournaments will be the most difficult tournaments where the computer controlled AI’s will actively act to hinder the user and force the user to collide with the bounds of the tracks and the user will have to fly just as aggressively to outwit or out speed the opponents.

To qualify for each tournament the user will have to meet the vehicle requirements for each tournament and pass a qualifying time trial. Upon each successful completion of a race (defined by not being in the last place) the user will get an amount of money proportional to what place he completed in the race along with any additional wagers that the player may have made with his earnings in the “Bookie” mode of the game.

Between each race, the user has the option to “Upgrade” his vehicle in the “Upgrade” mode of the game. There the user can use his earnings that he won from previous races to buy modifications to his car that will change the max speed of his car, his acceleration rate, his deceleration rate, and the maneuverability of his car.

Each tournament will be defined by three rounds of races, with increasingly difficult AI’s and tracks. Upon the successful completion of each tournament, the user will get a specific Certification Award/medal depending on what place he finished at.
Victory condition of the over all game is becoming “World Champion.”

Eventually, the game should be playable over the network where users can load their personal data/car/statistics and entire into network held tournaments with other users.