CAVERN Group Research Assistantship Requirements

This is what is expected of you as a research assistant.

  1. Everyone must create a research page that is updated regularly (every Friday). The template is available at the following link.
  2. All MS students must read and summarize 1 paper every 2 weeks. All PhD students must read and summarize 1 paper every week.
  3. All students who have been RAs for more than 1 semester, or have registered for thesis credit must have completed writing 1 research paper at the end of every semester. A qualifying paper must be at least 6 conference-style pages in length at 10-point font. A template can be found also at the above web page.
  4. All cavern students must be on time at meetings - ie must be there BEFORE the staff arrive.
  5. All cavern students must bring a notebook and pen (analog or digital) when attending meetings.
  6. All cavern students must attend Tech Meeting.
  7. You will be evaluated once a year at around May. This will be used to determine whether we will renew your contract for the Fall semester. The criteria you will be judged include (the percentages are how heavily they weigh): 

Here is an explanation of the EVL Student Research Reporting Template noted in 1 above:

The template consists of 3 files:

Lastname_Year_Semester_Log.html - you will create 1 of these files per year as a student. In the file you will document the tasks for the semester and status of each of the tasks. You will also create a link to an End-of-Semester-Paper-Portfolio page that contains bits of notes, data, results, graphs that you have been collecting during the semester to enable you to write your end-of-semester papers.

Lastname_Bibliography.html - you will log and summarize all the papers you have been reading during the semester.

index.html - you will link from this page all the above documents.

Create your own subdirectory under /netusr/www/cavern/EVL using the following format: Lastname_Firstname, in which to place your files.