Optimizing Inventor Scenes

(prepared by Andy Johnson)

Here are a few heuristics I have worked out over the last 6 months playing with inventor in the cave.

Some useful tools:
ivview - to view an inventor object
ivquicken - to speed up an inventor object. ivquicken produces a binary inventor file so you will also need ivcat to convert it back to a readable ASCII version
gview - to view an inventor object and its scene hierarchy and dynamically modify both. It crashes a lot but is VERY handy
showcase - gives you an easy (???) way to generate simple inventor shapes, and more importantly can write out inventor format. So showcase can be a nice conversion tool.
One of the main goals in optimizing inventor scenes is to reduce the number of nodes in the scene hierarchy, specifically those nodes that are not drawing polygons. As people tend to create inventor files from other applications, rather than by hand, the converters into inventor tend to do a very bad job of optimizing the inventor scene hierarchy. Here is a list of things you can do to help speed up your hierarchy:

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