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Yes, I like astrology. I'm guilty to admit I spend at least 30 min. each month reading magazine columns on astrology. (Recommended columns: Details, Elle-numerology, Marie Claire, or maybe Town & Country. These columns are thoughtful-insightful. The column in Details is hilarious - I love it!)

Usually, when you read the column, you are referring to "sun-sign" which is based on the date of birth. There's also "moon-sign" which is based on a position of the moon at birth. (I was born when the moon was in the 4th quarter). (People born on Full-moon have their "moon-sign" opposite of their "sun-sign." For example, Aries child born on Full-moon has Libra as his/her moon-sign).

Sun-Moon is the polarity: male-female, conscious-subconscious (ego-emotions), or light-dark. Less known than sun or moon sign is Ascendant (or rising sign.) Ascendant is the sign rising on the horizon at birth. This sign changes approximately every two hours, as the 12 signs in the zodiac rotate. (Have you heard "Scorpio rising"? It's a movie.) Perhaps, because exact time/place of birth have to be known to find out the sign, many people aren't aware of their Ascendant. However, it is a very important sign since Ascendant creates first impression and public persona. Effectively, it is a mask people ware in pubic. (Sometimes, when you get to know people better, you'll find the first impression is very different from the person you come to know. This can be because the person's Ascendant(appearance) Sun(ego, conscious) and Moon(emotion, sub-conscious) are in very different signs).

I found the complexity in personality by mixing three signs fascinating. It's not as simple as "oh, he isn't compatible with me because he's ___."

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