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Ascendant symbolize rising sun in the morning. As sun rises, so our hopes and dreams. As a general rule, when any of the first six signs of the zodiac is on the ascendant, the person's expression of ego has expansive quality. Libra is seventh sign of the zodiac. Libra ascendant represents the setting sun. At the sunset, we feel exhaustion of personal effort and expression of ego. The light fades and the world comes to submerge into the darkness. We become less certain of who we are.

M. Schulman wrote: The greatest gift of the Libra ascendant is the ability to give another person himself. In relating to others, you do not offer competition. You see the use of power and force in the world, but are not interested in aligning with it. Where others compete for survival, you can placidly experience a sense of contentment. You know that one cannot punch a feather. The more an individual tries to be more than others, the less he ultimately is to himself; You know that when you are connected to your inner being nothing in the world could possibly hurt or take away from yourself, for you are love, and love is an endless pouring stream that replenishes itself in direct proportion to the amount you allow it to flow. Rather than seeing the world through rose colored glasses, you see artistic and aesthetic possibilities in your environment. You know how to let things be. The beauty of in this sunset ascendant comes, not from feeling the exhaustion of ego, but rather from understanding that you do not need a powerful ego to function harmoniously in the world.

Libra is ruled by the Venus, the planet of love, harmony and beauty. John Lennon had Libra as his Sun-Sign. Think his song "Imagine". Yes, he would ask you to "imagine." Here, his ego, is not directly expressed. Ultimately how much of love/goodness we can bring into this world depends not on John Lennon's ability to imagine, but on his audiences' abilities to "imagine". The ability need to be with each of us. So he knew, the wisdom of his sun-sign.

Source(s): Martin Schulman, The Ascendant: Your Karmic Doorway (Samuel Weiser, Inc., York Beach, Maine., 1988)


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