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VR Piece: Birds
VR Piece: Ferns


This is a 3-D computer animation piece with CAVETM (the library package for Virtual Reality environment) and with OpenGL (the library package for computer graphics). I wrote programs in C/C++ to generate these images. The piece runs indefinitely - i.e., until you stop the program. I captured key-frames in the animation sequence and cropped them to create the pictures. (This page is best viewed on SGI with 24-bits monitor).



Since the piece is more to do with motion and time, it is hard to document it with the stills. However, I wanted to create a sketch-piece with most of elements I'd love to explore in later pieces (yet to come). Therefore, I think these pictures are good approximation of the piece. Please augment the pictures with your own imagination: see if you can imagine to be in the place with simple structures - a cage, a house, a bird-feeder - and surrounded by flocks of animated birds. It's supposed to be a colorless dream-landscape viewed from your eyes (i.e., you don't see yourself in the dream, but you know you are exploring the environment from your point of view).


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