Virtual Reality:

VR Piece: Birds
VR Piece: Ferns


This is another 3-D computer animation piece with CAVETM (the library package for Virtual Reality environment) and with OpenGL (the library package for computer graphics).


Things in Nature:                    

Things I created in Computer:


I am interested in fractals. Fractal is a mathematical concept: it has to do with repeating the same pattern in many scales. Some objects in computer graphics are generated with Fractals. (The typical examples are terrain of mountains or landscapes). When we look at things - we are often looking for ways to abstract features that are common in objects. It is our nature to categorize and organize things. We observe similarities and differences. Abstraction, in return, adds our memory. Instead of taking every details in our memory, we select key features - or select things that are absolutely essential to distinguish the object (or the thought/episode) from other objects (or thoughts/episodes) to remember. I think math is the highest form of abstraction we can hope to achieve. Fractal is very elegant way to generate complicated images with only few lines of code. My favorite Fractal is fern. I wrote the program to generate a fern, and used it to create a texture. I wanted to create a scene - leaves falling and spinning in the air in an abstract term.


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