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These nodes are parsed correctly, but nothing useful happens. TODO  Rant 

The Performer gang, in their infinite wisdom anticipated all possible file extensions for vrml files (eg. wrl and vrml) and aliased them all to Inventor. Thus if you want to use a different loader you'll have to name it something else counter-intuitive like .wrl2. ".world" was already taken :-). To get around this problem, you can either call the loader explicitly. The code would look like this... MwDB::init() sometime before pfConfig() 
        pfGroup *root = new pfGroup;
        MwGroup *group = new MwGroup;
        MwInput in(fileName, new MwSceneState);
        MwMFNode m;
        MwDB::read(&in, m);
        return root;
which is what pfdLoadFile_wrl does. The other way, which I like, is to redefine the functions
        extern void
        pfdInitAliases(void) {
        extern void
        pfdAddExtAlias(const char *, const char *) {
in your program. To the best of my knowledge, they will only affect you in that you cant use aliases for other loaders, which is something you didnt want to do in the first place anyway. Thus no aliases would be added and .wrl files would search for pfdLoadFile_wrl() 

Last modified April 13, 1997, Swami