Short And Sweet Bio About Me

I spend most of my time programming. I kind of work for two places, Argonne National Laboratories and Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)doing scientific visualizations in virtual reality.

Here's a virtual me
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality at Argonne National Labs
Co-founder of a VR company
Clubs/Dancing I'm usually at some House/Techno/Industrial/Alterantive type of club.
Foreign Film I'm fotunate enough to live near several fine movie theaters, including Facets, Music Box, Three Penny, and Fine Arts, where they're always showing something worth seeing.
Sailing (Yacht Racing) On the weekends I race on a Mumm 30. Here's some pics of us racing in Annapolis (we're bow #22). That port crosser almost didn't make it.
Roller Blading, Bike riding and just about anything else with wheels.
Yoga Yoga's a new venture for me. But I've quickly fallen in love with it. Of the variety of activities I do, I never feel more energetic and alive then I do when I leave yoga class. And I never would've belived it without experiencing it for myself. Unfortunately with all the sailing I do in the summer I leave it as a winter activity.