Three Dimensional Genetic Shapes

For those with java compatible viewer , here's a few frames of a genetic object being rotated

This work is the extension of work in the evolution of two dimensional images. Most of these forms where evolved in the CAVE. Several shapes were displayed in stereo in the CAVE , the user picks a shape, the four new shapes are mutations of the one picked.

The forms are isosurfaces created from a volume filled by the evolving genetic program. These images (except for BigBlue and broke2) are ray-traced using the POV raytracer.

I'm working on making anaglyphic images out of theses guys check out the anaglyph ring below...

If your interested in an sgi-binary (IRIX 5.3) anaglyph maker, you can get it here. Execute with no args for instructions.

Big Blue

Broke 1

Broke 2



anaglyph ring

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