Anim Script Stuff

The genetic animation scripting language (gaslang) was designed to attempt to encompass all the possible parameters involved in creating an animation based on genetic algorithms. An anim/end pair is an animation directive. Each file accumulates the values of each directive. So in the example below, in the first directive the t_param is set to -1, in the second directive t_param is not set but its value is implicitly set to -1. There is an inheritance of values from the first directive to the last.

usage: anm evscriptfile

The Required Keywords :
Optional Key Words
source "name of image file to read " [animation range x - y ]
target "name of image file to write to " [ begining number of animation ]
name "name of gene file"
BW or LUT ["filename.lut"]
gene "actual string representing the string "
size X Y -or- "ntsc"
frames number -- number of frames to produce this will be over written if there is a range associated with the source images.
t_param range (usually between 0 and 1 ) or single setting
z_param range or single setting
two machine specific features;
incore: keeps all rendered images in memory
mproc(#) for specifying the number of processors to use.

Comments are indicated either with a // or a /* */ pair or #. The script is going to be preproccessed using the CC preprocessor. So that #defines, #includes and #if constructs can be used. This may make the thing scarier looking but it lends usefulness.

here's an example :

// example file 
	size "ntsc" 
	name "/netusr/god/gene.1.expr" LUT
	t_param  -1.0
	frames 100
	startframe 0
The structure above is a directive that asks the animator to create frames of ntsc size, use the file "/netusr/god/gene.1.expr" as the image processing genetic program , use a look up table color model, set the time param to -1, create a 100 frames , the start frame number is 0 ...

	name "/netusr/god/gene.666.expr"
	source "/netusr2/hell/spawn/yoggshoggoth/flutes"
	target "/netusr/valhallah/wotan/spears"
	z_param -1