Terry Franguiadakis
7408 N. Greenview, Chicago Ill. 60626
(312) 743 2342


Master Electronic Visualization, Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), University of Illinois at Chicago

Graduate work focused on integrating dynamic systems and virtual reality (VR). Using EVL's VR theater- the CAVE I created several applications that use homegrown flocking algorithms, artificial life,particle systems and physically based models to create vivid VR environments. The work's emphasis is on lively, fast, interactive environments that engage, entertain and amaze the viewer.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Art, Architecture and Urban Planning. University of Illionis at Chicago 1988-1991

Senior Project with Chris G. Drown. "GeoBase". Imageprocessing, gathering and output package written on DOS-PC platform in RT1 (EVL native interpreted language ).

Faculty Prize for Undergraduate Study in Electronic Visualization, 5/90

Work Experience

Programmer, Argonne National Laboratory, Sept 1995 - Jan 1996 ( Temporary )
Programmed Artificial Life server on IBM-SP1, Graphical client on SGI-ONYX (OpenGL & Inventor) for Supercomputing 95 Conference GII (Global Information Infrastructure ) Testbed. "Participatory Artifial life Demonstration".
Teaching Assistant, Department of Art & Design,UIC, 1991.,1993 - 1995
Student Consultant. Increased the ability of art students to achieve programming and visual goals. Upgraded RT1 ( EVL Native teaching interpreted language) from IRIX4.5 to IRIX5.2, added texture mapping, sgi image format & increased overall speed of program.
Research Assistant, EVL, UIC: 1992-1993
VR: CAVE development,Supercomputing 93 and National Association of Broadcasters 93 conferences. Worked on 3D menuing, migrated sgi demos to CAVE, experimented with flipping between multiple apps.
Assistant Editor " The Lahars of Mount Pinatubo" 30 min. documentary on the after-effects of Mt Pinatubo's explosion.
Consultant, Kennedy King College Chicago. 1992.
Problem solved image quality for RIP printer. Consulted as a knowledgable graphics person.
Merryl Lynch ( Securities Options Corp. ) 1987 - 1991
Data entry & Monthly recapitulation of individual trader's stock trading volume and calculation of commissions using DBaseIV on DOS-PC. Trade Checker : Completion of unmatched options trades, general options trade resolution.

Computer Skills

Computer Graphics: Good math skills, extensive knowledge of practical real-time 3D&2D graphics, artistic and creative approach to visualization.
General: Extensive UNIX experience as user and administrator; Unafraid of new operating systems, hardware, libraries and utilities.
Languages: 4+ years C++,RT1, C, Python, Perl, Java.
Major programming accomplishments:
Genetic Programming (GP) Library in C++, 2D image evolver, 3D iso-surface shape evolver, both using GP lib, Object Oriented Ray tracer, Developed a scripting language for Image Evolver animations, Noise space editor for creating texturemaps, Geometric Primitive displacement library, Shared memory tools for Onyx, Several CAVE applications using many of the above tools and utilities.

Professional Activities

Terry Franguiadakis,"Swallows of Capistrano", Master's Thesis Show. May 11 1995 EVL
Exhibition of independent behavior in CAVE (Cave Audio Virtual Environment ). Visitors could feed virtual birds,or in another virtual place, shoot snowballs at evil jack-in-the-boxes.
CAVEArt,"Four Lambs and a Tiger", CAVE application for Art show at EVL, May 1994,
Where animats roamed a large space trying to avoid a predator.
Presenter, SIGGRAPH 94 VROOM. With Sumit Das and Mike Papka
"Evolution of Behavior in A Simulated Environment" Demonstation of evolved collision and goal oriented behavior in virtual robots.
Presenter, Supercomputing 93 CAVE exhibit. With Sumit Das and Mike Papka
"Evolution of Shapes and Sounds via Evolution" in Portland Ore. CAVE demonstration.
Student Volunteer, SIGGRAPH 92, 94. Member of VROOM Commitee.


Visual proceedings SIGGRAPH 94 "Evolution of Behavior in a Simulated Environment." p. 257
Sumit Das, Terry Franguiadakis and Mike Papka "A genetic programming application in a virtual environment"
Proceedings of the first IEEE conference on Evolutionary Computing. Orlando Fl. June 27 1994.
Hot Donut (Image) Sumit Das, Terry Franguiadakis, Mike Papka SIGGRAPH technical slides set 1994.

Extracurricular Activities

Groupe Professionel Francophone de Chicago 91-93. The Groupe professionel is an informal monthly party for french-speaking people form the Chicago area.


Travel: I have traveled extensively in Europe.
Language: Fluent French.