Marcus L. Thiébaux,
EVL: Electronic Visualization Laboratory, UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago
851 S. Morgan St., Rm. 1120, Chicago, IL 60607
phone: (312)996-3002, fax: (312)413-7585


Master of Science & Master of Fine Arts; EVL, UIC, Chicago IL; Spring 1997;
  • The EV program integrates the talents of artists and engineers in the design of immersive input environments, large database visualization, and network communication.
  • Worked with the Cave Automated Virtual Environment (CAVEtm), using C++, X, and OpenGL on SGI unix workstations.
  • Bachelor of Arts; Oberlin College, Oberlin OH; Spring 1992;
  • Completed the Liberal Arts degree with a combined major in Studio and Art History, and a Computer Science minor.
  • The Liberal Arts curriculum encouraged my interdisciplinary interests in such diverse areas as linguistics, sociology, and architecture, as well as computational engineering and synthetic imaging.
  • Activities

  • ACM/IEEE SuperComputing 1993; student volunteer, CAVE application development & programming support.
  • ACM Siggraph 1994 VROOM Exhibition; student volunteer, contributed "Detour" and "Virtual Director".
  • Imagina Animation Festival 1995, Monte Carlo; exhibited "Detour" with stereo CAVE simulator.
  • ACM/IEEE SuperComputing 1995 GII Testbed; student volunteer, contributed "Synesthesia" and the "Cosmic Voyage" CAVE demo.
  • PBS Innovation Mini-Series: "People In Motion", airing of "Detour" VR video animation, March 10, 1996.
  • ACM Siggraph 1996, Digital Bayou, the Bridge; organized and exhibited "Oort Continuum", a collaborative Immersadesktm art project.
  • Ars Electronica Festival 1996, Linz Austria; installed and exhibited "Oort Continuum" on a 4-wall distributed CAVE.
  • Publications

  • L. Bielski, "Imaging & VR Makes an Artist's Experience Accessible," (contributor), Advanced Imaging, November 1994, p. 10.
  • R. Addison, "Detour: Brain Deconstruction Ahead," (sidebar, images), IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, March 1995, pp. 14-17.
  • J. Luskin, "The Universe in a CAVE," (images), IRIS Universe, Spring 1996, pp. 28-32.
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  • F. Vizard, "Getting Inside Special Effects," (image), Popular Science, September 1996, p. 36.
  • HyperReferences

  • Awards

  • 1993 Christian and Oline Larsen Scholarship, UIC
  • 1994 School Faculty Prize for Graduate Study in Electronic Visualization, UIC
  • 1994 Best Virtual Art/Event, sponsored by CyberEdge Journal
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