Vaidyasubramanian Chandrasekhar
830 S.Claremont Avenue, Apt #1, Chicago IL 60612.
Phone: (312 - 925-6972.

To secure a challenging fulltime position in imaging and visualization field that enhances my creative problem solving skills.

University of Illinois at Chicago - Masters in Computer Science GPA- 3.75/4.0
Bharathidasan University, India. Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. 2002, Rank- 2/ 78

Work Experience
General Electric Medical Systems - Signal Processing Engineer (Intern). - Summer 2003
- Temporal subtraction algorithm - development of a novel image presentation technique with clinically relevant contrast, highlighting the differences in x-ray images acquired at different times using IDL, C++
- Developed algorithms for image registration and warping for temporal processing of X-ray Images using IDL, C++

Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIC - Research Assistant, Spring 2003 -Present
- Implemented an algorithm for creating implants for defects using the PHANToM with the GHOST sdk, Open Inventor and CAVE libraries
- Implemented a multi-client collaborative application for 3D data visualization using C++
- Implemented a multi-resolution “Reverse marching cubes” algorithm for conversion of surfaces to multi resolution volumes using C++ and Coin 3D
- Created animations of VRML data sets using CAVELib and Open Inventor in the auto stereographic Varrier display.
- User motion tracking and joystick control of applications on tiled displays using C++ and MPI

Great Cities Urban Data Visualization Lab at UIC - Research Assistant- Fall 2002 - Spring 2003
- Designed surveys and sketch tools using swing, servlets in Java and ASP
- Implemented a secure discussion forum with tools for chatting and messaging using ASP

Masters Thesis Work
Tele-immersive system for surgical consultation and Implant modeling: The system aims at developing a cranial implant using haptic force feedback in augmented reality (PARIS™) and using a PHANToM. GHOST APIs handle the haptic interface and VTK, Open Inventor are used for rendering. The work involves designing algorithms for tracing out defects in cranium and implementation of sculpting algorithms for refining the models and implants that were created. Clay modeling is used for implant construction

Academically significant projects

Designed and implemented a boids animation algorithm simulating the schooling behavior of two schools of fishes using C++.

Reverse Marching Cubes
Implemented an algorithm to precisely construct multi resolution voxels from any arbitrary polygon model using C++,VTK.

Physically based haptic NURBS model
Designed a C++ class to implement haptic NURBS modeler with the PHANToM and created a deformable cloth model. The source code is sent to Sensable Inc for contribution to GHOSTsdk

NFS implementation
Implemented a remote file system using TCP in C++. There is a two way authentication and the server logs the errors due to wrong requests

Reliable UDP
Designed a reliable datagram protocol for packet transmission across networks using Java indicating and correcting bit errors, lost packets, out of order packets and repeated packets.

Design Pattern
Implemented observer pattern, for a collaborative application using C++ with one-to-many dependency between objects, such that whenever one object changes state, all its dependents are notified and updated.

Transactional database server
Implemented a small transactional database system to support a banking application, using C++. The application consisted of multiple processes performing operations against a shared database having an unbounded log file, a hashing scheme ensuring access time of O(1), tracking free objects recovery system with concurrent access

Defenda and Asteroids
Designed and implemented the ‘Defenda’ and ‘Asteroids’ games with lighting and texture mapping using OpenGL, C++. The player is provided six degrees of freedom and multiple views of the scene.

Conferences and Workshops
• Provided a demonstration of the Geowall at the IEEE VR’ 04 demo night at EVL, UIC, Mar-2004
• Showcased the “Augmented Reality Immersive System” used for pre-surgical planning in the Radiological society of North America in Chicago (RSNA) - Dec 2003
• Created visualization of 3D weather data and protein data for the Alliance all hands meeting, at Urbana.- May 2003

Renambot L, Rao A, Singh R, Jeong B, Krishnaprasad N, Chandrasekhar V, Schwarz N, Spale A, Zhang C, Goldman G, Leigh J, Johnson A - Scalable Adaptive Graphic Environment - WACE 2004
Chandrasekhar V, Nayak A, Lopez B - How to build a Geowall - Access Grid Union -March 2003.

Related Course Work
Advanced Computer Vision

Database Management System

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Computer Graphics

Computer System Security

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Introduction to Networking

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Adv Computer Graphics and Visualization

Skill Set
Platforms   Windows 9x, Windows XP, UNIX, Linux, Irix
Languages  C++, C, Java 2, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Smalltalk
Graphics     OpenGL, Open Inventor, VTK, Coin3D
RDBMS       Oracle, MS SQL server 7.0, MS Access, PL/SQL
Toolkits       Matlab, IDL, GLUT, FLTK, MPI, Quanta, Swing, Yggrasil
Others         ODBC, JDBC, Socket programming, Cluster computing

Furnished upon request