textureTransform derived from ygNode Example Source Header

Description: adjust the texture matrix of all nodes below this node

Category: Attributes
Author: Alex Hill
Revision: 12/05/04 Alex Hill - fixed matrix key for client nodes

startPosition two floats set pre-rotation translational component
orientation two floats set rotational component
position two floats set translational component
size two floats set scaling component

constructor textureTransform

1 dont include in documentation

destructor ~textureTransform

method reset

1 reset texture matrix to identity

method setTexMat

1 if node type is pfGeode then set geoset material
2 else, if node type is pfGroup
2.1 call setMaterial recursively on all children

method setGeosetTexMat

1 find and setup geostate texture matrix

method message

1 set pre-rotation translational component
2 set rotational component
3 set translational component
4 set scaling component
5 receive matrix key

method app

1 if any child has changed then setMatrix for all child nodes

method setMatrix

1 create scaling matrix
2 multiply by pre-rotational translation
3 multiply by rotation
4 multiply by translation
5 set texture matrix