ygSpace derived from ygNode Example Source Header

Description: defines a space that is rectangular, spherical, cylindrical, point or infinite in volume

Category: Foundation
Author: Dave Pape
02/11/03 Dave Pape - corrected makeDebugOutline to properly remove any old debug geoset(s)
09/01/04 Alex Hill - changed to allow "volume" debug to be sent at any time
Revision: 02/01/06 Alex Hill - broke volume message into volume type string and vector for optional extent

volume (infinite | box | sphere | cylinder | point), multiple floats set the shape and size of the volume enclosed
volume show a wireframe of the volume

constructor ygSpace

1 show a wireframe of the volume
2 distribute the volume message

destructor ~ygSpace

method reset

1 set volume to infinite

method message

1 set the shape and size of the volume enclosed

method createBoxVolume

method createSphereVolume

method createCylinderVolume

method createPointVolume

method setVolume

method createDebugNode

method createCrossGeosets

1 create X coordinate axis
2 create Y coordinate axis
3 create Z coordinate axis

method makePlaneGeoset