CS 428 - Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

While Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality been around since the 1960s, only recently have consumer-level displays ranging from smartphones with gyroscopes, through google cardboard, to the relatively inexpensive recent head mounted displays like the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, become more popular for both entertainment and visualization work. We are also seeing a rise in the number of consumer augmented reality devices ranging from smartphones to dedicated devices such as the Magic Leap and the Microsoft HoloLens which overlay computer generated imagery onto a tracked version of the real world.

This course will expose students to current virtual reality and augmented reality hardware and software, and help them create interactive environments that make effective use of their particular affordances.

The class will make use of a range of devices including google cardboard, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Microsoft HoloLens, and evl's CAVE2.

Andy in the original CAVE in 1994  Andy in CAVE2 in 2014

Andy in VR in 1994 and 2014

Welcome to CS 428 - This term CS 428 is back to meeting in person.

CS 428 meets in room 2068 ERF which is located at the corner of Halsted and Taylor. The easiest way to get to this room is to go to the 2nd floor of SEL East. Then you can walk South (toward Taylor street), pass through two sets of dark brown doors, pass the elevators and restrooms on your left and hit the security door to ERF. This door should be open around class time. After that you can follow the signs on the walls to the left to 2068 ERF.

Walking thriugh SEL and ERF to the

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