Disclaimer: Original rendered frames were not saved after recording onto a video tape, so you'll have to live with this low resolution capture of the tape.

a surrealist story of an  day-dreaming of being in an ice  rather than floating in a  . The animation is full of transitions : a rotating title dissolves into a  sitting in a swamp; a flight into alligator's  shows us his dream ; a pull-back of the camera reveals the scene as the contents of a glass ; a further pull-back exposes the snowball to be the tip of a dancer's .

These three scenes represent inclusion of worlds within each other, with each being a small part of the one above. The change of scale and matching the scenes was a challenging and elaborate task. Produced with SoftImage in 1995, duration 1.5 minute( on tape ).

Mpeg movie (size 1.43M).