Rendered Fun by Mihailo Alic

The following 3 animations were produced in 1995 as a result of my new found interest in off-the-shelf animation software and 20th century art.

                  M.C. Escher's engraving animated - Another world(mpeg, 795K)

Van Gogh, but something is missing!
      Compare with the original!
It is not revisionism nor blasphemy, but a background for my Starry Night animation(mpeg, 1M)

Genesis, not quite a 20th century art topic, but still part of the Art History. Initial movie is now available - Touch(mpeg, 599K)

"Once Upon a Time in Florida"

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Mihailo's 1993 Interactive Gallery


VRML, the latest Internet craze( for 1995 ) is here. Thanks to Dave Pape from EVL, now you can explore some of the VR applications I made for the CAVE. One of them( "Aquarium" ), is now on the standard CAVE demo list and is included with every installation( here is an example from Holland ).