Interactive Fun by Mihailo Alic

All projects are real-time applications for the Virtual Reality environment called The CAVE and were developed at EVL in 1994. Click on tumbnail images to bring them up in full size. 
Chevy'57 - a visit to an auto show. View a slowly rotating car model, notice all the subtle details and the sky reflecting on chrome parts. 

My life as a fish is a collaborative project (M. Alic & Dave Adamczyk) first shown at CaveArt Show(April 94 at EVL). "Come swim with us, feed the fish and appreciate life and artificial forms that inhabit this strange aquarium. Meet the airplane that flaps his wings, and the other that swims like an eel." Several movies are now available: 

Pursuit is the first VR game for the Cave. Two players, each controling one car, can race in the arena and try to ram into the opponent's car, while avoiding walls. This project is in progress and you can see two movies: 

CitySpace is a fly-through collaborated with Coco Conn, Zane Vella and kids that contributed their art work to produce a city made for them. Shown at SIGGRAPH 94, my contribution being just porting the project to the Cave, adding navigation and sound. It is presented with a movie: 

3D Morphing is the topic I have chosen for my Master's project/thesis. Read the Introduction and enjoy the movie: 

Disclaimer for the movies: above movies are just documentaries of VR experience, they are real-time (most of them unedited), and are not to be confused with fancy animations produced using software packages. The emphasis of the applications was on interactivity, and visual details were left for the next stage.