Personal Statement

I believe that technology should be empowering and not overpowering. Technology should not be developed for technology's sake but to help people. People should not need advanced degrees to understand new technology but to feel comfortable being able to use technology and to understand technology.

I have an interest in computer science and technical writing. I received my Bachelor of Science in computer science in February 2000 from Elmhurst College, and my Masters of Science in computer science in December 2002 from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). During my time at UIC, I studied a variety of subjects including: software engineering, compiler design, human computer interaction, user interface design, computer graphics, scientific visualization, neural networks, K-12 educational technologies, distributed computing, and information retrieval.

While studying at UIC, I was able to hold the position of research assistant at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. Besides learningmore about computer science and working on projects like the Access Grid, ImmersaView, and SAGE, I learned other important skills such as effectively communicating my ideas through presentations and writing.

I have done technical writing in the past on a few occasions. I write in a detailed and organized style. My past work included guides to using computer systems and equipment in addition to documentation for using code that I have written for other people. One of my contributed works that appears in the Access Grid Documentation Project is entitled How to Configure the Gentner AP400 for an Access Grid Node.

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