Ben Goldstein

Kayaking in Richardson Bay, Mill Valley California, June 2000
, image courtesy of Rui Gonçalves


I was born in Montreal, Canada in 1974 and lived there for 24 years. If you've never been to Montreal it is a great place to visit. Montreal enjoys a summer full of festivals of every kind including an internationally acclaimed Jazz festival and a Comedy festival.

It was time to move on, and I left Montreal for Chicago in August of 1998.
I completed my MS in Computer Science and then took a job in Mill Valley, California. I have been living in Northern California since February, 2000.


CRAVE Collaborative Virtual Reality Rave Application, Fall 1998


I am a big music enthusiast with eclectic tastes but especially appreciate Jazz, Down Beat and various forms of Electronica.

I am also an avid Mountain Biker and am thrilled to be living close to some of the best mountain biking in North America. Marin country is practically the birth place of the sport. Gary Fisher and his pals used to ride down repack ridge and Mount Tam before a mountain bike was ever produced.

This past summer (2000) I took a trip to Mono Lake in the Sierra Nevada range. It's visually stunning and well worth the trip.



I graduadted from EVL in December 2000 with an MS in Computer Science.