Grad School

I was a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  During this time I worked as a Research Assistant for the Electronic Visualization Laboratory.
I came to UIC specifically because of my desire to pursue research in virtual reality at EVL.

I obtained my Bachelor of Computer Science at Concordia University in Montreal. 



Fall '00    

Tandem: A Component Based Framework for Collaborative Virtual Reality

Fall '99

Multimedia Systems
EECS 579




Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
EECS 570

Tandem: A Framework for Interactive, Collaborative Virtual Reality

Mars Builder
Mars Explorer


Spring '99    
Classes Virtual Reality
EECS 590
Travel in Immersive Virtual Environments: An Evaluation of Viewpoint Motion Control Techniques

Project Presentation
Software Engineering Environments
EECS 571
Projects Tandem VR Framework  
Pattern Presentations: Strategy Pattern
Adapter Pattern
Fall '98    
Classes Human Computer Interaction EECS 578 HCI Project Meeting Minutes 
for Thu Sep 24

HCI Presentation Part 3

Object Oriented Programming Environments
EECS 474
Research Interests    
Virtual Reality


3D User Interaction

Distributed VR Applications &

Collaborative VR
Object Technology Object Oriented Design
Software Architecture

Software Design Patterns

OO Software Engineering