Benjamin Goldstein
San Anselmo, California

Employment History
Jan.    2001 -

LucasArts Entertainment Company a Division of LucasFilm

  • Lead on Game Engine Art Path Exporter framework written in C++ for Maya 4.5
    • employs a plug-in based .dll architecture
  • Development of Multi-platform Shader authoring system written in C++
    • PC rendering component in openGL for NVidia hardware and integrated into a Maya hardware shader plugin.
    • Implementation of Dot3 bump mapping, reflection mapping
  • Maya Exporter for Gladius Role-Playing Game
  • Various Maya Polygon editing plug-ins
  • Console front-end authoring tool and runtime system
    • UI Builder/Authoring tool written in .NET C# and employs managed C++ architecture for integration with runtime component
    • Runtime component integrated with a proprietary byte-compiled OO scripting language


Feb.    2000 -
Dec.    2001

Software Engineer for Real Time 3D Graphics Engine
Engineering Animation Inc., Sense8 WTK Development Group

  • Cross Platform development of a real-time 3D graphics simulation engine (WorldToolKit) on NT, SGI IRIX, HPUX, Solaris and Linux using C/C++
  • Evolution and maintenance of a legacy code base
  • Technical support
  • Development of test suite and testing framework in C/C++
  • Development of 3D graphics physics-based product demonstration using WorldUp
  • WorldUp plugin development including a real-time particle system
  • In-house Knowledgebase tool development using Java 2.0 and Swing
  • Strategic direction and marketing analysis towards new product development
Aug.    1998 -
Dec.    1999
Project Lead for Tandem Framework
Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Chief Architect and Lead Programmer of Tandem a Component-based Framework for Interactive, Collaborative Virtual Reality
  • Lead a 12 month development iteration (Domain Analysis, OORA, OOD) in a team of 6 to produce an OO framework focussing on distributed systems and human/computer interaction in the CAVE environment
  • Design challenge was to integrate an extensible, component-based, layered architecture.
  • Work is currently in progress to produce a Linux port
  • Development of Mars Builder, a shared Virtual Environment application for Collaborative Virtual Reality using Tandem
  • Application development configuration included: UML, RationalRose, C++, SGI IRIX 6.5.x, IRIS Performer, the CAVElib, RCS and DOC++ for API documentation

May    1997 -
Oct.    1997

Developer for Client/Server Behavioral Simulation Demo
  • Design and implementation of the "perfect demo" demonstrating feature set of OSim simulation framework
  • Consisted of a 5 month development effort to rapid prototype an application that highlighted the major features of an OO behavioral simulation framework
  • OOA, OOD and OOP in C++ on IRIX platform
  • Documentation of a tutorial for the software, and source code
  • Design and implementation of a network deployable demo using Java and VRML
Sept.  1995 -
Sept.  1996 
Systems Architect for Finished Goods Inventory System
Lorbec Metals Ltd.
  • Lead Systems Engineer of Inventory system during 12 month project.

  • Requirements engineering, analysis, design and implementation of Finished Goods Inventory System

  • Worked directly with company executives and employees throughout requirements engineering

  • Included on-site installation, support and training

  • Implemented on PC platform using Access/Basic 7.0
  • Installation and deployment of system on Novell 4.1xx LAN
  • Various office automation tasks
Jan.   1994 -
May   1996
I.M.S. Designs
  • Sole proprietor of I.M.S Designs
  • Sale of PCs & Components
  • Computer consulting services
  • Several graphics design contracts
Nov.  1992 -
Oct.  1995
Office Automation Specialist
Les Services de Personnel Manpower
  • Training of clients on software applications
  • Programmed Windows 3.1 training software localization
  • Maintenance and installation of hardware and software
  • Subcontracted as CE to Hewlett Packard during summer of 95  for Monreal area installation of CDE WAN

Related Experience
May 1998 -
June 1998
Lab Instructor for Database Design
Concordia University
  • Design and documentation of course project
  • Class lectures on:
    • OO programming in UniSql
    • General strategies for the design and implementation of a Car Dealership using an OODBMS
  • Supervision of designated lab time
  • Grading of project demonstrations and reports

Programming languages:
  • C/C++ 
  • C#
  • Pascal 
  • Java
  • Modula - 3 
  • SmallTalk

Toolkits and APIs:
  • OpenGL
  • IRIS Performer
  • Tcl/Tk 
  • CAVElib
  • UniSql
  • STL
  • MFC
  • .NET

Operating Systems:
Unix Other
  • Redhat Linux 6.x
  • Windows 9x,NT, 2K
  • IRIX 6.x
  • Mac OS
  • SunOS 4.2
  • Solaris 2.x



 1998 - 1999      University of Illinois at Chicago, M.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Major

 1995 - 1998      Concordia University, Montreal, B.CompSci., Software Systems option

 1991 - 1994      Marianopolis College, D.E.C in Creative Arts

Relevant Course Work

References available upon request


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