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"dvldog" writes:

Dear Mistress misha,

Tell me about what happened to you that warrants this love of hating men.

Mistress misha lunchbox responds:

An excellent question, Dvldog, despite the fact it was phrased as a statement. I'm assuming in my response that you have already read my essay entitled Does misha Hate Men?

...I think i should start by giving a little background on the cartoon you referenced specifically, The Lustful Adventures of the Nympho Lesbian Vampire Sluts with Impossibly Huge Knockers. On the cartoon menu page i explain that the cartoons were originally doodled in the borders of the guest list of the nightclub where i work. One night i took some of my new vampire comic books with me to work, and complained to one of my coworkers that the stories were all about sexually insatiable lesbian vampires with deformed, anti-gravity tits eager to satisfy any man that happened by (despite the fact that they were lesbians).

"What is it with you men?" i exclaimed. "Why won't you accept the fact that lesbians DON'T WANT YOU?" The coworker, who had been paging through one of the books (Love Bites, i believe it was), responded wistfully, "...Why don't you do ever do cartoons like this?" An evil little light bulb went off over my head, and the rest is history.

But anyway, back to your question. I won't pretend that nothing has ever happened to me that might make me bitter. But those scattered trivial episodes have nothing to do with my love-hate relationship with men. I make fun of men because they're just so darned cute, like puppies, and i guess my passive-aggressive tendencies cause me to tease them because of it. You know, like when a little girl has a crush on a little boy, she punches him in the arm, or sets him on fire or something. Just bein' playful.

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