Hello there! I'm Corinne.

I am currently a graphic design major at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Along with graphic design, I am also an art major with a concentration on photography with minors in both art history and spanish, expected to graduate in May 2015.

Graphic design for me is a way to visually represent ideas and information in the most efficient and exciting manner possible. As a designer, I strongly believe in the notion of simplicity. I aim to present a clear and organized message in my work. Through my designs, I am constantly trying to achieve visually engaging works by setting limitations for myself. It is through limitations that I believe design can become the most motivating and elegant.

Typography also plays an important role in my designs. I consider typography to be just as expressive, if not more so than the graphics that accompany it. For this reason, I believe everything in my designs should serve a purpose in order to succeed to the highest degree of communication. As both a graphic designer and photographer, I am constantly trying to find an overlap of the two in my work. My intention is to deliver a unique message and create the unpredictable.


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