Dan Davidson

5050 North Claremont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60625
home phone (773) 878-5705
UIC phone (312) 996-3002
email to davidson@chicago.evl.uic.edu
view my web site at www.evl.uic.edu/davidson


School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Chicago,
Electronic Visualization Laboratory, majoring in computer graphics, web authoring and video editing.
MFA degree expected in October of 1999.

Yale School of Art, Yale University, majoring in painting, drawing and printmaking.
MFA degree in June of 1968.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, majoring in painting, drawing and printmaking.
BFA degree in June of 1966.

Honorable service in the U.S.Army from June 1960 to June 1962.

Northwesteen University, majoring in philososphy from Sept. 1958 to June 1960.

Kendal College, AA degree in June of 1958.


Taiwan, Taipei: to study Chinese painting at the National Place Museum,
from October 1982 to September 1984.

Japan, Kyoto: to study the Buddhist Temple Gardens,
from November/December 1985.

China, Beijing, Soochow, Hangchou: to study the Urban Gardens
and to Urumchi in the Sinkiang Province of Northwestern China:
to collect East Turkestan Carpets Octyober/November 1986.

Work Experience:

Currently Teaching Web Design(HTML), Robert Morris College, Chicago campus,
from February 1999 to the present.

Taught Two-Dimensional Design, the University of Illinois at Chicago,
from January to May of 1997.

Taught Drawing and Design, the University of San Diego, CA,
from September 1988 to May 1991.

Taught Painting, the National Insitute of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan,
from September 1983 to August 1984.

Taught English, the Chinese Cultural University, Taipei, Taiwan,
from January to June 1984.

Exhibition Advisor, The Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan,
from June 1983 to February1984.

Taught Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking, Alfred University, Alfred, New York,
from July 1968 to March 1983.

Solo Exhibitions:

The American Cybernetics Conference, University of Illinois at Chicago, May 1995.

Blondes Gallery, San Diego, CA, April 1992.

SOHO Cafe Gallery, San Diego, CA, January 1992.

Circa 9 Gallery, San Diego, CA, October 1990.

Circa 9 Gallery, San Diego, CA, June 1990.

Mediate Gallery, San Diego, CA, September 1988.

Annex Gallery, San Diego, CA, May 1988.

Ling Meng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, March 1984.

Oswego Art Guild Gallery, Oswego, NY, December 1982.

Olean Public Art Gallery, Olean, NY, December 1981.

Howe Public Art Gallery, Wellsville, NY, October 1980.

Houghton College Art Gallery, Houghton, NY, April 1977.

O.K.Harris Gallery, NY, NY, October 1975.

Alfred University Art Gallery, Alfred, NY, September 1972.

Ithaca College Art Gallery, Ithaca, NY, November 1970.


"Seeing is believing:Visual proofs of the Pythagorean theorem",
co-authored by Dan Davidson and Louis H. Kauffman, published in
Quantum,a magazine of math and science, July/August 1997.

"Notes on Turning Shapes: combinational geometry", copyright 1994.

"Pisces:a boardgame for two players", copyright 1993.

"In the Company of Men", a cartoon of 36 strips, copyright 1992.

"Authenic Modern Chines Painting?", May 1988, Focus East,
San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA.

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