A short collection of
Dan Davidson's visual art.

Each of the icons displayed are internal links to pages for each artistic episode. These samplings of works were originally produced in various media (oil, acrylic, and ink painting, drawings in ink or graphite, watercolors, silk-screen and intaglio prints, installations, altered zerox prints, and collages of colored reproductions.)

All of the images have been altered by their re-birth into the digital domain. Many of the images in Sections "1997, Perspective Systems" and "1995, The Pythagorean Theorem" were wholly created via computer, while the images that came originally out of a traditional studio, have undergone a digital bath and re-birth.
Of course, the production of this web site is yet another "artistic episode" which is, happily, self-documenting.

Current Resume

Perspective Systems

1995 The Pythagorean Theorem

1992 In the Company of Men

The Head Game

1975 The Inverted Rectangle

Point Perspective

Edward Tufte and Mark Tansey   ~ these pages summarize Edward Tufte's Visual Information Design Concepts
and as a side-bar, a fews images from Mark Tansey's paintings.

As a recent member of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory
at the University of Illinois at Chicago I concentrated in