Creating Art Through Virtual Environments

Dolinsky, M., 1997
Creating art through
virtual environments.
Computer Graphics 31(4)
p.34-35,82 New York: ACM Press.

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Creating art through virtual environments is my passion. Once again, the creative process has me hooked. Whether it is painting, drawing, printmaking, clay or video, it compels me to push and pull a medium until I forge a connection between my imagination and the irony and humor in this world.

That is the true essence of art. Irony. Humor. These are the final stages of recognition in the development of aesthetic thinking. Aesthetic thinking develops with time, much like music appreciation. The first stage of aesthetic thinking is pure reaction: "Yuck!" or "My five year old could do a better job than that!"

In this first stage, the viewer has no connection to the artwork, feels lost, and abandons any further exploration out of sheer disgust. Rightly so. It is up to artists and art institutions to bridge the understanding of the viewer to art and why artists devote themselves to art.

Some artists are just lucky: in the right place at the right time with an opportunity to thrive. Others have no choice. For them, the arts become an obsession dictated by a will greater than their own. It appears to be a damning incident until you stop to think about it. Remember Luke Skywalker: no choice, just forced to go on. Gotta go with the force.