natural phenomena




hydra flower






natural phenomena [diptych], 2004


natural phenomena, 2004

natural phenomena is about the common, the ordinary.
I want to stress the close relationship between ugliness and beauty and the way this relationship forms and changes depending on time and space. What defines ugly today can define beautiful tomorrow. I took trivial subjects, such as a scar – which is usually identified with ugliness and pain -, and mountain landscapes – which represent earthly laws - and I wanted to create an allegory with them by making them infinite. As infinite they would be absolutely truthful or its equivalent: beautiful.

I used curves because that is what exists in nature and I covered everything with skin – the common medium that surrounds each and every one of us.

I am interested in the use of different techniques and materials and the close relationship that they can create between them.

natural phenomena consist of two digitally composed still images, which are 3D renderings of a virtual environment composed in Maya 5.0. The environment is built as a combination of digital photography, and digital and physical sculpture. In the Fall of 2003 I built a gigantic skin surface out of latex, saw dust, shoe thread and I recreated that surface digitally in Maya 5.0.

showcase: Electronic Visualization Exhibit, 2004

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