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smalltalk render, 2003


smalltalk, 2003

smalltalk is a rendered instance of a virtual 3D environment developed in Maya. The virtual environment functions as a response in a discourse with a physical sculpture named Acrobat, and a gigantic artificial skin surface. I built Acrobat out of wood and mosaic during the summer of 2003. The artificial skin I created in the fall of 2003 measures 200 sq.ft. and is made out of latex. I am captivated by the process of creating various forms and tones of dialogue between digital/virtual and physical sculptures, and I want to explore the discourse-space that is generated by their coexistence.

smalltalk is an instance of confusion, representing the identity struggle of its creator, in a moment of peace and balance after a long day’s battle with the past, present and future.

IDEAS 2004 - best screenfull digitally created image
  Electronic Visualiztion Exhibit, 2004