>IT consulting


print & multimedia

World Council of Hellenes Abroad
web design, information architecture, programming & maintenance

>visit www.saeworld.org

This project involved the complete redesign of the organization's website to promote their humanitarian programs and to accept donations online. The organization favored a photo-centric site with a modest design. This site averages approximately 300 visitors daily.



UIC Earth and Environmental Sciences
identity, poster and mailer design, web design/programming, training

>visit www.uic.edu/depts/geos
>see print samples

Contracted to design and program an information-centered website and design recruiting posters and mailers. Site had to be accessible by very old browsers and easy to update with a fun look. Trained staff to maintain and expand website. The site gets approximately 30,000 page views yearly and is updated regularly.



Chicago Child Care Society
web programming (2001)

>visit www.cccsociety.org

The not-for-profit Chicago Child Care Society had a design in mind and some templates and wanted a website with a playful look to promote their cause and accept donations online.



Post FX for Cisco Systems
trade show presentation (2002)

>view screenshots

Contracted to assist in the production of broadcast quality presentations for SuperComm 2002 for Cisco Systems in Georgia. Programmed and animated using Macromedia Director and Flash synchronized to presenter's voiceover.




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