Simulator Controls


Move wand with CONTROL + mouse movement or SHIFT + mouse.
Rotate wand with ALT + mouse; roll wand with '<' / '>'.

Move head with arrow keys or SHIFT + arrow keys.
Rotate head with ALT + arrow keys.

Reset tracking with 'P'.

Wand buttons/joystick

Mouse buttons correspond to wand buttons.
Joystick operated with SPACEBAR + mouse movement.


3 display modes, selected with '0' / '1' / '2'.
0: Wall view (select wall with 'F'/'L'/'R'/'B'/'D')
1: Perspective view
2: Outside view (use numeric keypad to rotate/zoom view)
Can toggle rendering of different additions:
T: timing
INSERT: CAVE outline
W: wand
U: user's head

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Last modified 12 July 1997.

Dave Pape,