GeForce2 Installation Notes

These notes are a rough walkthrough of the steps I followed when installing a new GeForce2 GTS graphics card in my Linux system. Since nVidia's Linux drivers are intended to support all of their recent chips, this information should apply to most graphics cards based on TNT, Quadro, or GeForce chips. I ran into a number of difficulties during this installation, mostly due to the many different, sometimes conflicting versions of various packages under Linux; hence, I'm hoping that these notes will be helpful to others going through the same process.

nVidia's drivers and instructions are available from their web site.

The PC that I used is a Dell Dimension XPS-T (Pentium III CPU, Intel 440BX motherboard). The GeForce2 card is an ELSA Gladiac (32MB, AGP). I started with a fresh install of SuSE 6.4 Linux, without configuring X Windows.

The major steps were:

Last modified 12 August 2000.
Dave Pape,