3D Text

3D text is created in Performer using pfText nodes. It requires a pfString containing the string and a pointer to the pfFont to use.

A font is loaded with pfdLoadFont_type1(). The fonts available (in /usr/share/Performer/data) are "Times-Elfin" and "Mistr".

 pfFont *font = pfdLoadFont_type1("Times-Elfin",PFDFONT_EXTRUDED);
 pfString *string = new pfString;
 string->setString("Blah blah blah");
 pfText *text = new pfText;

Example code
(Note: to run this program, set your PFPATH environment variable to /usr/share/Performer/data/)

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Last modified 17 February 1997.

Dave Pape, pape@evl.uic.edu