video still Furious Breeding

Josephine Lipuma aka (VJ) jl pooky does
her m.f.a show ::
"frammenti :: love/ damnation / redemption"

this event is free to the public

Like DJs, there are many different kinds of VJs: from the most amateurish (who string content together without any vision), to those who use this form of media dissemination to express themselves imaginatively.

Josephine Lipuma aka (VJ) jl pooky is currently at the forefront of the scene. "Some people use content without really thinking about the result," says (VJ) jl pooky, "while others really concentrate getting their message/context across."

A new generation has discovered, in Josephine Lipuma aka (VJ) jl pooky, an extremely out of the ordinary & new way of disseminating new media (VJ) work. Josephine Lipuma asks her audience to encode the content, to explore the different ways, they are understanding it, whether that be video/film, & sound, or live-feed/ networked content: remixed/ rethought /recontextualized/ reasserted.

"The scene is still very young," (VJ) jl pooky continues, "but VJs are being called upon to work in every field of art , whether it's video,film, interactive media events or simply opening up different musical genres, which is what is happening in Japan and England. In any event, apart from San Francisco, New York and Montreal, there isn't much happening in North America, except for one little pocket of hotbed activity,
The Electronic Visualization Lab (evl),
UIC at Chicago, 843 West Taylor,
on the second floor.**

It is said about Josephine,"She brings to new media something forceful & poetic & spiritual, but at the same time
she brings to her audience a thoughtful, riotous, wonderful experience, like no other."

Josephine Lipuma aka VJ jl pooky will perform her "frammenti: love damnation / redemption" in three continuous separate pieces:

(1) The Unbearable Heaviness of Waiting
(2) Furious Breeding
(3) Angeli

There will also be a "Video Teatro" of Josephine Lipuma's experimental video works.

Performance Artist, Alison Riess is the ghost-bride, as she reflects love in three separate themes, distant but close.

::ATTENTION: this performance has abstracted nude figurative material
which may not be suitable for sensitive viewers, the "Video Teatro" is for general audiences.

The dates: Friday, June 10th, (opening 6-9) & Saturday, June 11th, 2005
The performance times: Friday: 6-7-8 Saturday, 6-7

Her performance will be broadcast over the Access Grid: worldwide

** For directions how to get there, go to this link: