Compositing with Ultimatte
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Ralph A. De Stefano

Electronic Visualization Laboratory (M/C 154)
University of Illinois at Chicago
851 South Morgan Street, Room 1120 SEO
Chicago, Illinois, 60607-7053


Blue or green screening is a process which allows the creation of scenes that would otherwise be too dangerous, impossible or impractical to shoot live and is one of the most popular special effect used in the motion picture and video industries. Ultimatte is the premier compositing technology allowing users to create completely seamless composites which preserve fine details such as hair, smoke, mist, motion blur and shadows. Ultimatte manufactures hardware solutions for real time compositing on location as well as software plug-ins for popular editing and special effects packages such as Adobe After Effects, Alias Composer, and Avid Xpress. This document will cover the history of compositing technology, examine the intricacies of field acquisition and lighting, and detail the Ultimatte compositing process. The goal of this document is to offer a bare bones blueprint for creating bluescreen composites in Adobe After Effects using the Ultimatte plug-in.

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