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Research Activities

Fall 1997

AD408 | OpenGL Programming and the Making of "Contrast"
AD502 | Interactive Story *insert title here*
AD508 | Portfolio review

Spring 1998

AD508 | Porting OpenGL Applications to the RenderMan Interface
AD509 | Modeling in Alias Power Animator
AH563 | Contemporary Landscapes of the Virtual World

Second Semester Review

Review Documentation

Fall 1998

AD508 | Green Screen Compositing with Ultimatte
AD509 | Character Design in Alias Power Animator
AD509 | Storyboarding and script development for "Faint Recollection"

Spring 1999

AD502 | Concrete Comedy
AD508 | The Principles of Animation
AD509 | Facial Animation in Power Animator

Summer 1999

AD406 | Special Topics - Animating in After Effects

Fall 1999

AD502 | Pier Paolo Pasolini - International Man of Mystery

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