OpenGL and RenderMan
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Ralph A. DeStefano

Electronic Visualization Laboratory (M/C 154)
University of Illinois at Chicago
851 South Morgan Street, Room 1120 SEO
Chicago, Illinois, 60607-7053


The RenderMan Interface Standard was created by Pixar as a standard for detailed scene description communication between 3D modeling and animation programs, and rendering programs. OpenGL is a software interface to graphics hardware. This interface consists of 150 distinct commands that are used to specify the objects and operations needed to produce interactive three-dimensional applications. The Renderman standard like OpenGL is hardware and operating system independent. The RenderMan specification communicates what is to be rendered, not how to render the final image. There are several RenderMan compliant renders available, in this document we will be dealing with Larry Gritz's shareware Blue Moon Rendering Tools(BMRT). This document will draw comparisons and point out differences between the OpenGL software interface and the RenderMan Procedural Interface. It is the goal of this document to offer a bare bones blueprint for creating RIB output from a users OpenGL programs for high-end offline rendering with BMRT.

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