The Principles of Animation
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The Principles of Animation

Ralph A. De Stefano

Electronic Visualization Laboratory (M/C 154)
University of Illinois at Chicago
851 South Morgan Street, Room 1120 SEO
Chicago, Illinois, 60607-7053


Lasseter (1987) wrote, "Whether it is generated by hand or by computer, the first goal of the animator is to entertain. The animator must have two things: a clear concept of exactly what twill entertain the audience; and the tools and skills to put those ideas across clearly. Tools, in the sense of hardware and software, are simply not enough." The principles discussed in this paper are tools as well...just as important as the computers we work with.

This document is meant to be used as a primer for beginning animators, and a knowledgeable reference for experienced animators. This paper in no way replaces the years of sweat and toil that animation mastery requires.

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