Some Things About Me...

I was born on August, 11th 1971 in an area called the Erzgebirge [aerts-gabeerge] (or "ore mountain" as the official site suggests ). I like it there very much (now) although there have been times, when I just thought it's boring because of it is made of little cities and tiny villages mostly and nothing in between but silence.

I went to elementary school in a little village called Raschau [no other pronunciation key suggested] but only because there was no such thing in my home village Langenberg . So far for the first 10 years. Then I went on and earned an "Abitur" [abee-tour] at an advanced school during the next two years, which enabled me to study at an university. But what?

Well, I took computer science as an elective at the advanced school. And writing my own BASIC programs was such fun that I decided to study computer science as I still liked it after those two years and learning a "real" programming language like PASCAL .

I studied the first two years at the Technical College at Koethen and switched afterwards to a larger insitution - the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität at Magdeburg. I specialized in Computer Graphics and Simulations and defended my diploma in July 1995.

Then I went to the United Staates on a Fulbright scholarship. Here I am studi'ing right now at the EVL (Electronic Visualization Laboratory) at the UIC (University of Illinos at Chicago) and get to know almost everything I haven't had the time or the chances to back in Germany.

That is computer graphics as one should do it - programming for UNIX and X using GL (Oh, I love to spread some technical terms! ). At the EVL the emphasis is lying on Virtual Reality, so I got to create my own VR Applications for the CAVE within the last 6+ months. And, I enjoy it a lot! Especially since one tries to bring together artists and engineers here at EVL which gives me the chance to add some understanding of art and maybe even an own piece to the five years of engineering studies I did.

The hell on earth or just the normal life of a grad student in the States let me learn more than I ever had in the past months. I went from a "PC-girl" to programm X, GL and the CAVE-VR-Library. And guess what, I think EVL is just the right place to do so. I'll be returning to Germany in May '96, but it won't be one of my happiest days since I will be leaving lots of new friends and (I have to admit it) great opportunities. But there is no such place as home and there's got to be something to do for me there too. At least I could think of something special ...

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