Design the Text

Did you already load the source code to this page? If not, choose the command "Source" in the menu "View" (or whatever sounds simliar in case you use a different web browser ;-).

Done? Ok, let's start...

There is a fairly simple explanation for the strange <P>s. They define the text paragraphs. It also is rather simple to create links. Eighter to other HTML files, as here where you can go back to the previous page or to other web sites. This way I could show anybody what great things I have already found while surfing through the web. (Take a look into the source to see how it is actually done.)

By the way, all HTML commands can be printed in upper cases, lower cases or mixed. Whaterver you like best. I prefer the upper cases, because then the commands are easier to be distinguished from the rest of the text while you are in the process of creating your page.

The text can be written without any structure. Neighter a newline nor tabstops do have an impact on the layout of the web page. The text is made fitting the size of your page, as you can proove if you change the width of the browser window.

But then the source code is really not easy to read. And, since you have the opportunity - why not create your one style?

That makes a page almost complete. There is a header, nice formatted text and links. You can find more hints for this at this site.

But frankly: Isn't this layout a bit boring? How about some Colors, Fonts and Images?

Diese Seite gibt es auch in Deutsch.