A Beginning

As I was trying to do my first WEB-page I did not have any clue about this stuff. I think a good idea in situations like this is to look at other peoples work. And, there are thousands of great examples on the WWW when it comes to the design of a homepage.

I choosed then a simple one or a nice one (whatever my focus was on at this time), and I looked at the source codes (menu: View.Source). Frankly in the beginning it was rather hard to find a sense among these cryptic HTML commands.

What does <H1> mean and what is <P> ? Where on the page is <TITEL> to be seen? And... oh, there is a <HEAD> and a <BODY> on nearly every page - maybe that is sort of a standard?

That is exactly how I got the idea for this and the following pages. I did not have a HTML book and the WEB pages I found on the topic dealt with problems far beyond this fairly simple stuff. That means, the ones I has found so far, and I did not want to keep on searching, I wanted to start now...

Diese Seite gibt es auch in Deutsch.